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The KW Bookmas Extravaganza : Christmas Book Sales

Happy Bookmas everyone! I know I’ve been away, but I’m back with some fun news!

These past few months have been very busy while preparing to launch my newest two titles. I’m so excited to have them out in the world, and seeing my little library grow prompted me to do something special to show my love and gratitude for you incredible readers.

KW Bookmas Sales All. Week. Long.

Bookmas is exactly what it sounds like: a Christmas-spirited celebration of books.

All week long and leading into Christmas, each of my books will have a special sale.

Here’s the KW Bookmas lineup:

NOW til 2020Amelia Gold and the Very Noisy Present is on sale for just $2.99

Tuesday December 17 til Saturday December 21 – Short Story The Park Bench is FREE

Wednesday December 18 til Saturday December 21 – eBook edition of Amelia Gold and the Very Hard Marshmallow is FREE

Thursday December 19 til Christmas Day – eBook edition of A Letter To Last Year is on sale for $0.99

Friday December 20 – Live Readings of A Letter To Hope

A Letter To Hope

This collection was a special project for me. Writing poetry requires a very different process than I use for anything else. I’m generally the kind of writer who has a spark of inspiration or a vague idea and then I’ll outline and brainstorm and think of different scenes and plan out arcs and character progression.

With blog posts like this, there’s a solid idea I want to get across, and I’ll bullet point my thoughts, then elaborate them into a fully fledged article. But when it comes to poetry, I sit, I put my fingers on the keyboard, and feelings bleed out. It kind of writes itself, and it takes me places I’m not always ready to go. That’s why I know it’s special. It may not be as polished as other, greater poems, but it is a journey that comes from the soul, and everyone who has read it has affirmed the same thing.

It was actually a very fun experience getting the feedback from my editor for this one (shout out to you Megan!), because she pointed out metaphors and themes and characters within the writings that I hadn’t initially recognized. Her notes helped me to take a second look and really iron out the storyline, which took this collection to a whole new level. I may be biased, but in my opinion this book should be on your must-read-list before heading into the new year and new decade. It’s a chance for reflection and recognition and you can read it in less than an hour.

Amelia Gold and the Very Noisy Present

I couldn’t help but keep going with this character. Amelia Gold was originally inspired by my daughter, dreamt up during all of those late night feedings when she was a newborn. As Emily’s personality grows and develops, I feel like Amelia’s does too!

This special Christmas edition is full of good, old fashioned fun. It is imaginative and colorful and will make you laugh out loud.

I love Christmas, it’s a very special holiday to me. As I’ve gotten older though, some of the yuletide magic has given way to a sort of solemnity. I’ve come to better understand and appreciate the sacrifice of that baby born in a manger, and I’ve had a few dark Christmas seasons. This funny little kid’s story may not seem gospel centered at first glance, but for me it was a part of relearning joy, which is what Christ wants for all of us.

If you’d like something deeper and more thoughtful this holiday season, A Letter to Hope will have you in deep reflection. If you need something to lighten the mood, the Very Noisy Present will be your go-to.

Kindle Sharing – How to Spread Bookmas Cheer!

Did you know that you can both gift and lend eBooks on amazon? Pretty awesome, right!

Lending means sharing a book from your purchased library. The recipient can borrow it for 14 days, during which you won’t be able to read it. So it’s exactly like lending a physical book, but digitally. All that’s required is a valid email for the recipient, and that they download the free kindle reading app on their device (phone, tablet, etc). This is a great way to share your favorite books at no extra cost! Plus, on the author’s side of things, Amazon tracks the amount of pages read in a borrowed book and pays the author! It’s a win-win-win situation.

Click HERE to read Amazon’s page about eBook lending.

Another great option if you want someone to have permanent access to a book is gifting. Yes, you can gift an eBook. Again, all you need is the recipients email.

HERE is a link to Amazon’s page about gifting where you can find all the information you need.

This is going to be such a fun week! Stay tuned over on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with the Bookmas sales, and to find out when the live reading will be.

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