This page is where you can find all of my Maskcara Tutorials.

This makeup is truly unique, and as such it comes with a bit of a learning curve. Use these tutorials to familiarize yourself with Maskcara and how it applies so you can find the most success in your own application.

I’m always open to requests for new tutorials! Use the contact form or find me on Facebook or Instagram and send me a message.

Lip Makeup Masterclass

Have you been applying lipstick the same way since you were 13? Not sure which colors will look best on you? Want the full pouty lip look but have no idea how to make it happen without fillers? Watch this masterclass.

Hilary Duff Vogue Dupe

When I saw Hilary Duff’s makeup tutorial with Vogue, two things happened.

  1. The little girl in me who grew up watching Lizzie McGuire got really excited.
  2. I knew I could do the same look more affordably (about $350 saved actually).

Easter Bunny Inspired Makeup Using Maskcara Beauty

This tutorial uses a selection of soft, warm, subtle tones. A soft-glam eye, no-makeup makeup for the face, and all using just ONE brush and the HAC Stack palette. The perfect new setup to spring clean your makeup drawer.

5 Minute Makeup in One Palette

Having everything you need in one convenient location will save you SO MUCH TIME. Here’s a demo filmed in real time to show how you can get a full face of makeup done in just 5 minutes.

Makeup For Dancers in One Palette

Dancers and actors who perform on stage need makeup that will show up under the harsh stage lights. But nobody wants to deal with a giant messy makeup bag! Here’s a look at a palette designed for dance performance.

Flirty Valentine’s Makeup

This makeup tutorial features a shimmering pink eyeshadow look along with a soft red lip.

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