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Hey Gorgeous,

Did you connect with that video? Yeah, me too.

That’s why I’ve taken a plunge.

See, motherhood is amazing. I LOVE that I get to be a mom. My baby girl brings me so much joy.

And I love that I get to be a writer. My books and these articles are so important to me, and I love sharing them with all of you.

But I’m not going to lie, it’s become easier than ever to ignore my own needs. Most of my endeavors are pretty isolating. I’m a mom and a wife, but I’m also a woman with goals and dreams and aspirations. I’m also a person who struggles with depression and anxiety and who has taken the backseat to other things going on around me because my brain says I’m “just not that important”.

My brain likes to lie to me.

But I’m learning to stop listening to my brain and start listening to the truth.

And the truth is that all of us are divine, and we have a responsibility to let that divinity shine.

I think every woman has been fed the lie at some point in her life that she is not beautiful. It’s not true, but she eats it up again and again. And as that lie clogs her spiritual arteries, her glow diminishes. She feels unconfident and unloveable, and I’m sick of seeing this pattern. I’m sick of living this pattern.

Makeup is such a trivial thing.

We use this paint to hide our perceived imperfections. But what if we didn’t have to use it that way? What if we didn’t have to feel like we were making a statement every time we left our house with a bare face?

I was rushed and didn’t have time to get ready.

I know I’m supposed to trust that I’m pretty and don’t need makeup, so here I am.

No, I’m not sick. And no, I’m not lazy. (Well okay, maybe I’m a little lazy.)

I’ve got enough on my plate without making myself presentable for the rest of the world.

It’s like we’re making excuses that nobody is really asking for. Honestly, nobody else cares what you look like, not consciously anyway. (Though I can share a telling story on that topic.) The point is, you care how you look, because how you look affects how you feel, which in turn affects how you act. Don’t tell me you’re not more confident in your interactions when you feel gorgeous.

So, what if we could somehow enhance every bit of beauty that is already on our face, and shine a light on it in less than ten minutes each morning?

Would you be interested?

Good news. I can help you with that.

As an Independent Maskcara Artist, I can help you find the perfect shades and processes to bring out your most beautiful glow.

Maskcara HAC

It all starts with HAC.

Owner and creator of Maskcara Beauty, Cara Brook, revolutionized makeup application with a process that requires only a single layer of makeup on your face. By Highlighting And Contouring your respective features with the IIID Foundation, you can let your own unique beauty shine through.

The application is quick and easy, and the product line is streamlined and beautiful.

Maskcara Products

I’m taking accountability for my own wellbeing, and setting aside a little piece of my time to apply a confidence that will last all day.

If you’d like to join me, I would love to help you get started.

Fill out the Color Match Form here to help me get an idea of your makeup-related needs. I’ll follow up with you in an email to recommend your perfect shades and curate a routine that will work for you.

I am so excited to hear from you!

Your Independent Maskcara Artist,

Kim Wilkes

P.S. I’ll continue adding tutorial videos here in the near future to teach you more about Maskcara and all of their awesome products. Make sure you’re following on social so you don’t miss any announcements!

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