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Light the World is a wonderful Christmas initiative that started a few years ago. It encourages people to look outward and to recognize the true reason we celebrate this holiday. It puts the focus back on Christ, and on what He taught His people to do: SERVE.

The Christmas season is one that softens hearts. It brings joy and sparks smiles. It tends to make each of us a little more generous.

This initiative takes all of those good things, and urges us to expand even further, sending goodness into the stratosphere.

The first week of December was dedicated to Lighting the World. Each week of this month will have a theme of how and where to serve and give. For a guide to these resources, click here.

When I think of reaching out to touch the whole world, my mind immediately goes to my time in Russia. While the entirety of my stay there was centered around Christ and service, the holiday season lent some unique opportunities.

One memory in particular remains dear to my heart. I had the pleasure, with some other volunteers in my area, to visit a care home for the elderly, and to put on a little mini-concert for them.

Many of the men and women staying there were weak and sick and couldn’t make it out of their beds. Some of them had been there for years, with few to no visitors. They knew they were there to wait out the remainder of their lives.

I went in with my guitar on my back, and all of us young Americans (plus a few Russians) shook the rain out of our hair, put on some plastic booties, and carried our sheet music into the first room. After singing our set, we moved on to another room, and then another, serenading these people in English and heavily accented Russian, strumming hymns, and clapping along to old folk favorites.

As we sang, it was amazing to watch the light and warmth return to the faces of these lonely grandmothers and grandfathers. I especially loved when they would start to sing along.

We’d talk with them after we sang, and I was blessed by all of those sweet old ladys to find fame, fortune, happiness, love, and a good husband. I’m happy to report that so far, those last three things have come to pass.

I know Christ was with us that day, and that His light was shining on all of us there. Just take a look for yourself:

This second week is all about serving in your own community. I’ll report back to you, but in the meantime I’d love to hear what you are doing to light the world! Leave your experiences in the comments.

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  • Amy
    December 11, 2018

    Inspiring and uplifting post. Thank you for sharing.


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