Hilary Duff Makeup Dupe

Hilary Duff Vogue Makeup Dupe

Hilary Duff did a video with Vogue a little while back to showcase her busy-mom makeup routine.

You can watch the original video here.

I grew up watching Lizzie McGuire and have always been a fan of Hilary and her makeup. Still, I knew once I watched her tutorial that I could simplify and streamline her makeup routine.

Keep reading to see my version of this Hilary Duff makeup look…

Hilary Duff Vogue Makeup Dupe

Cost Effective Makeup

I think all of us would like to save money on our beauty products without sacrificing quality, right? That’s one of the biggest reasons I love Maskcara Beauty! They use super high quality ingredients, but use smart packaging so they don’t have to attach a giant price tag. The price per product is only slightly more than most drugstore brands, but the makeup will rival anything you could find at a high-end store.

You can head over to this page for the full rundown on Maskcara Beauty and how it works but let’s dive into this Hilary Duff dupe.

Hilary Duff Vogue Makeup Total Cost:

I went ahead and totaled up everything Hilary used for the look (not including skincare or tools), and do you want to know how much her makeup cost?


Maybe that doesn’t seem ridiculous to you, but how would you like to save over $350 and get the same amount of products?

Seriously – I built a palette of Maskcara Beauty equivalents and it totaled out to $182 (and FREE SHIPPING!).

Full Tutorial Video for Hilary Duff Makeup

That is a pretty sweet deal – but does it really look as good? Why don’t you watch the full tutorial video and find out!

Hilary Duff Vogue Makeup Dupe

3D Foundation

I start with Maskcara Beauty’s 3D Foundation System. That means a main highlight, accent highlight, and contour. These are applied in a single, seamless layer to create a sculpted, bright, three-dimensional appearance. No more flat-matte-caking foundation!

Everyone’s skin and face is unique, and the colors you need will be specific to you. Don’t stress about trying to find the right colors though. As a Maskcara Artist I can help you figure out exactly which colors you need with just a photo – all you have to do is fill out my color match form here and I’ll get back to you ASAP with my recommendations to get you started with this life-changing makeup.

Maskcara Beauty Quad

These are the colors I use in the video, and what I would recommend for Hilary if she asked me for a color match.

Hilary Duff Makeup Dupe with Maskcara Beauty

The Fun Stuff

Once the base is down, we can add the fun stuff!

She mixed a few blushes and lipsticks to get her custom color, and Maskcara Beauty Lip+Cheeks are perfect for that kind of customization. I picked these shades that seemed similar to hers: Ballerina, Cindy, and Summer Love.

Maskcara Beauty Lip+Cheeks

Now for the GLOW factor. I don’t think anyone can go wrong with our Rose Gold Illuminator. It’s creamy with just the slightest shimmer to catch the light and lift your whole face.

And we can’t forget our bronzers! Hilary really piled on the bronzer, so I followed suit using both the Bella cream bronzer and the Cayman powder bronzer.

Illuminator and Bronzer from Maskcara Beauty

I love this eyeshadow combo. Pinks and browns are always a safe bet.

Here’s the full list:


Soul Mate

La La Land

Spiced (cream shadow)

Arabian Nights (cream shadow)

And Vanilla Dust setting powder to cut back on the dewiness if you’re more into a matte look.

Maskcara Beauty Eyeshadow for Hilary Duff

The All-In-One Makeup Palette

The beauty of this tin-makeup system is that everything is customizable, AND it fits in one beautiful palette that will look stunning on your bathroom counter and can effortlessly be tossed in your purse for makeup on-the-go.

The Double Decker Compact would fit all of the makeup outlined above.

The best part?

With the purchase of 16 tins, this compact is thrown in for FREE!

Maskcara Beauty Double Decker

Double-Ended Brushes

Since she’d save so much on the makeup, she might as well throw in some new brushes too, right?

Especially considering that these double ended brushes are a steal at less than $40, (meaning less than $20 per brush), and will last for years and years to come with proper care.

My personal favorites for applying 3D Foundation are the Detail HAC Brush and The Blush and Bronzer Brush.

The Multitasker lives up to its name, and was able to apply all of my eyeshadow for this look.

And I think everyone needs a good brow brush: the Hotline Brush has your back.

Maskcara Beauty Double Ended Brushes

Basically, I need Hilary Duff’s number so I can hook her up with a much easier routine. That may be a long-shot, but maybe I can help you instead!

Click here for a Color Match to find out your Maskcara Beauty shades.

Or, click here to look around the shop yourself!

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