Guided Meditation : You Are Loved

Guided Meditation : You Are Loved

Use this written guided meditation, or it’s recorded version, to find relaxation and healing, and to embrace the love around you.

As we come to an end of the Healing From Sexual Abuse Series, I want to make sure our focus remains on healing.

For the next weeks I’ll be releasing these meditations. My hope is that you can work them into your days and find a love for meditation, whether you’ve practiced before or if this is your first experience with guided meditation.

Make sure you are in a comfortable, quiet place before you begin.

Guided Meditation Audio

(Audio Version)

Written Guided Meditation

To begin, we’ll settle in. Find a comfortable position, whether that is sitting or lying down. Come into this space slowly, at your own pace. 

Focus on the sensation in the tips of your toes. What does it feel like? Place all of your energy there.

Allow the energy to rise, through your feet, up past the ankles, into the calves, the knees, the thighs.

The soft sensation will continue to rise, through the abdomen and lower back, over the chest and shoulders. It will come to your neck, your chin. Allow it to relax your jaw and your tongue. It will pass over your cheekbones, your ears, your nose. Relax your eyes, your eyebrows. 

The sensation makes its way to the top of your head and you relax all the muscles in your body.

Give yourself gratitude for taking this time, to open your heart and your spirit, and to connect them with your mind and your body.

We live in this very loud world, and sometimes we forget what it feels like to be centered and whole. Take a deep breath in through your nose, and know that center and wholeness are always within your reach. It’s taking moments like these, as you come back to the breath, that you will find your power. 


Now, take a moment to focus entirely on your breath. Feel the way it expands inside you, and with the exhale, release any lingering tension. Come to full relaxation and awareness. 

Picture a busy city street. You are standing on the sidewalk while stranger bustle around you. Gray clouds gather in the sky and it begins to rain. 

Your initial thought is to find shelter, but you choose instead to stand your ground as the water washes over you, hitting your head, your face, your shoulders, your shoes. You take a breath in and smell the moisture in the air. You exhale and wipe the water from your now soaked face and you allow yourself to smile.

There is a chill in the rain but your body is relaxed, and your breathing is deep and steady.

A man approaches you and offers his umbrella. You accept it and he goes on his way. You realize now the sting of rain on your skin, and you are filled with gratitude for the protection. 

Now a woman walking by offers you a blanket to help you dry, and you accept it. She continues on her way. You notice a warmth in the blanket as you dry the skin of your face.

As you raise your eyes, you notice a shop owner standing in a doorway. He waves you over, and you come. You follow as he ushers you into the shop and offers you a chair and a warm drink.

As you sip, you realize that you are surrounded by loving people, brothers and sisters, all doing their best to offer love and care to one another.

You realize that partaking of this love required your active participation, your presence, and your acceptance.

As you recognize that you are worthy of help, and that help does not demean you, you begin to feel that love that surrounds you. The love fills you with warmth and stillness. 

You are loved. 

You are lovable.

You can love.

You breathe deeply, and you feel love.



And exhale.

Allow your eyes to slowly move. Feel the sensation in your fingertips and your toes. Find gentle movement as you return to your present space.

If you wish to remain in meditation, you may turn off this recording and sit in stillness for as long as you need.

If you are ready to arise and continue with your day, place a hand over your heart, and take one more deep breath in through the nose, and out through the mouth.

Carry this love with you.

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