For Him

For Him I would turn

From wrong

If in weakness

My feet would

Not fail.


For Him I would praise

In song

If with lead

My lungs would

Not fill.


For Him I would stand

And obey His command

If my legs would not break

As they sink in the sand

Of this place

Where I am.


I would give to my brother

And love every other

Who came to me seeking

For that which they lacked

If my hands were not empty

And shivering, aching

From clawing their way

Through this sand.


This sand that

Pulls down

Unrelenting and


That traps me and

Holds me in place.


But I have to keep moving

To escape the dark, looming

Depths that swallow

At quickening pace.


I won’t stop

For I know the

Struggle is better

And His hands bled

As do mine.


For Him I will listen

With ears

Still open

As long as my soul

He refines.





Photo by:

Keith Hardy



  • Amy
    March 7, 2018



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