Easter Bunny Inspired Spring Makeup

Easter Bunny Inspired Spring Makeup

Looking for new spring makeup?

Easter and Spring are the perfect time to think about cleaning out the old and embracing the new.

What’s better than a new beauty routine to help you feel and look refreshed?

In this class I’ll go over some beautiful soft spring colors to use for a soft glam, no-makeup makeup look.

Easter Bunny Inspired Spring Makeup

Makeup and Tools Used:


Maskcara Beauty foundation is three-dimensional. It utilizes both highlights and contours to sculpt the face rather than flattening the face with one shade.

In this video I used White Peach as my main highlight and Linen to brighten key areas of my face. The shades you would use depend on your unique skin tone, and I can help you figure them out through a Color Match.

Fill out the quiz here with a makeup-free selfie and I’ll get back to you with recommendations within 48hrs.


Walnut contour is warm and subtle.

It is beautiful on very fair skin tones and is a great introduction to contour if you worry about contour looking too intense.

Take a closer look here.

Walnut Contour - Spring Makeup
Walnut Contour


Maskcara’s blushes double as lipstick, meaning more room in your customized palette for other fun goodies.

Ballerina is the blush I recommend when someone tells me they don’t wear blush. It is as subtle as it gets, casting a matte nude-pink flush that is just barely detectable. That said, you’ll be surprised what a difference it makes in your overall look!

Check it out here.

Ballerina Lip+Cheek - Spring Makeup
Ballerina Lip+Cheek


I combined Ballerina Lip+Cheek with 3 Maskcara eyeshadows to create this soft glam look.

Bird is a matte taupe, and an absolute staple color.

Find it here.

Bird eyeshadow - Spring Makeup
Bird Eyeshadow

Sabrina is used on the brow bone to add extra brightness and doubled in this look as in illuminator on the cheekbones, nose, and cupids bow. It is a silky cream shimmer.

Find it here.

Sabrina Eyeshadow -Spring Makeup
Sabrina Eyeshadow

Soul Mate is such a fun shimmer! It is a soft warm pink that is perfect for spring.

Find it here.

Soul Mate Eyeshadow - Spring Makeup
Soul Mate Eyeshadow

Best Blend Forever Brush

I only used ONE brush to create this entire look, face and eye makeup.

The Best Blend Forever brush is often overlooked, but is actually incredibly versatile!

It is perfect for a light and airy coverage.

Not only can it be used to apply cream foundation, but it lends itself to sweeping on powder illuminators and eyeshadows.

While the perfect blend will require a minute or two of more work compared to some of the other brushes in the Maskcara lineup, the finish is unlike any other.

Find it here.

Best Blend Forever Brush
Best Blend Forever Brush

HAC Stack Compact

One unique feature of Maskcara Beauty is the customizable palettes. The makeup comes in tins that fit into these magnetic compacts. When you run out of one shade you can pop out the empty tin and replace just one thing at a time – saving you money in the long run.

The HAC Stack is a great size if you want a simple routine with a few extras. It has two levels that each hold 4 singles or 8 eyeshadows. (So 8 singles or 16 eyeshadows total.)

Get it free when you purchase 8 tins! You can take a closer look at it here.

HAC Stack Compact
HAC Stack Compact

Read more about Maskcara Beauty here.

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