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Amelia Gold and the Very Hard Marshmallow

KW Ebook / Kindle Edition / Hardback

Amelia Gold is the cutest little elephant you’ll ever meet! She loves to learn and she loves adventure. Can she get rid of the marshmallow before her parents find out? Join her as she learns about her first tooth!

Kindle Edition –

The Park Bench Short Story

The Park Bench: A Short Story

Kindle Edition

A short story about two strangers. A five-minute read that demonstrates the power of noticing another person. What’s so special about a bench? Read and find out…

A Letter to Last Year 

Kindle Edition and Paperback

This collection of poetry poignantly illustrates the struggles of mental health. Through pain, darkness, and heartache, these poems teach us that there is still hope. There is still light. Even when you cannot get off the floor. A Small Collection of Thoughts and Feelings from the author’s own life, these words are meant to inspire and to assure others who may be battling with depression, anxiety, or other sorrows, that they are not alone.