On my mission, I fell in love with the hymns of the LDS church. They are especially beautiful in the Russian language. Do you know how hard it is to find recordings of the hymns in Russian? Hint: Hard. So, I decided to make my own recordings, and hopefully make life easier for some other soul. To accomplish this, I've added a YouTube channel

There is a poem in A Letter to Last Year about a room. (Double points if you know which poem I’m referring to!) Like every other aspect of that book, I was writing about something real. It was a real room. A box in Russia with giant windows that washed the naked mattress in grey sunlight. An extra bedroom I used to

May is Mental Health Month. I'm pretty sure it is also a month of "awareness" for a number of other issues. But my guess is that you haven't heard about Mental Health Month, because there is always some post about depression floating around, and besides being made "aware" (seriously, what the heck does that word even mean?) what are you

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