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The Kim Wilkes Blog is where poet and author Kim Wilkes shares her thoughts on mental health, religion, creativity, and gives details about her latest and upcoming work.

Are you an empath? Do you struggle with depression or anxiety? Do you wonder if God really sees you in your suffering?

Here you will find inspiration to help you through life’s challenges, all wrapped up in Wilkes’ honest and unapologetic prose.

You will relate to her continued struggles and find clarity and insight in her ponderings.

Do you need a friend to help you through the dark? Well, you’ve found her.

Kim Wilkes is a Phoenix based writer and artist.

Her work is heavily influenced by her faith, as well as her own personal struggles with mental health.

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Kim’s Story

Faith has always been central to Kim’s soul. It is what carried her through childhood trauma, and the depression and anxiety which have plagued her for nearly her entire life. Her understanding of God and His plan is what saved her from self-harm and suicide. Her unique perspective of existence allows her to find joy in the midst of darkness, and to invite light into broken places.

Kim finds solace and discernment through writing and art. She gobbled up books as a toddler and never stopped. She always carries some sort of notepad to catch stray thoughts and ideas.

After sinking to a new mental low in high school, she took a break from her education to travel Western Europe. While living in Germany, she started her first blog, and fell in love with sharing her writings.

She decided to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and was assigned to labor in the Rostov-na-Donu region of Russia. Her love and adoration for the people there couldn’t assuage the overwhelming gloom that gripped her mind. After fourteen months of fighting through the pain, she was sent home to seek treatment for her panic attacks and OCD.

Never doubting God’s timing, she pushed through recovery treatments, and within a few months met and married her husband. They are now enjoying life with their baby girl.

Her experiences inspired the poetry collection A Letter to Last Year, which was the first thing she was able to write during her recovery.

The desire to share her struggles stems from a longing to lighten the load of others. She continues to share honest insights here on the blog, and through her publications on Amazon. She believes the connection of souls will alleviate suffering.


Work With Kim Wilkes

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She also offers writing and editing services.

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