February 2018

It came only after I agreed To close my eyes And trusted enough To open them again.   Through the fog. The rainfall. In dusty rooms. Bloodshot eyes. I searched.   Over wet pages. Throbbing knees. With shattered breath. Smeared fingers. I labored.   Not in the dark, Or in the moment of confusion, But with a new ray

When winter comes And replaces autumn’s fog ​With a lingering chill, Blinding the path home And encroaching on our hearts With leaden weight, Where is warmth in the   Desolate waste? What flame will unveil the Pavement at my feet?   When winter comes And the sun refuses to Creep over

For Him I would turn From wrong If in weakness My feet would Not fail.   For Him I would praise In song If with lead My lungs would Not fill.   For Him I would stand And obey His command If my legs would not break As they sink in the sand Of this

Chin Up, 2018 Acrylic on canvas 7x5 inches A reflective self-portrait in mixed media, Chin Up serves as the debut piece in Wilkes’ current series: Window Dressings. The combination of acrylic on canvas with embroidery floss and stone beads creates a eye-catching texture

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