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Maskcara Artist


Inspiring those who struggle with trauma recovery and mental health through faith and creativity.

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makeup and ptsd

How This Makeup Helped Me Heal My PTSD

Back this week to tell you about a makeup that I love! I hope you enjoyed the guided meditations! I really enjoy creating and sharing them, so I’m pretty sure you’ll see some more in the future. Today I want to get back to our …

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Guided Meditation : Pain Subsides

We are going to join together in a short meditation and use our breath to release any pain you may be holding onto. This meditation will involve energy work, and may leave you tired or emotional, so make sure you have the time and space …

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Meditation: You Are Strong

Guided Meditation : You Are Strong

For this week’s meditation, we are going to going to focus on recognizing the strength within ourselves. If you missed last week’s meditation on love, be sure to check it out here. I hope you can use this written transcript, or the audio version of …

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